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Knicks 114, Pelicans 109: Scenes from a clutch masterpiece from Emmanuel Mudiay

Mudiay and Trier willed the Knicks to victory.

NBA: New Orleans Pelicans at New York Knicks Catalina Fragoso-USA TODAY Sports

Once again, the New York Knicks were looking down the barrel of a fourth-quarter fade, as the New Orleans Pelicans ballooned their lead to nine points with about five minutes left on the clock. Leading scorer Tim Hardaway couldn’t buy a bucket. We’ve all seen this movie before, right?

Wrong. The ‘Bockers rallied, carried by two the most ballers imaginable: undrafted rookie Allonzo Trier and surefire super-bust Emmanuel Mudiay. The former lottery pick, who has finally started to play up to his pedigree this season, performed his magnum opus Friday night, dropping 15 of his season-high 27 points in the fourth quarter. Clutch buckets, steals and free throws abounded as Mudiay looked like a dude who has been closing out wins for 20 years.

Trier played the Robin to Mudiay’s Batman, moving and grooving on his way to a career-high 25 points. I particularly liked this move, since Clyde had spent much of the quarter pointing out that Trier never goes left.

Trier also threw a magnificent lob to fellow rook Mitchell Robinson.

Knicks have won two in a row for the first time all season. Recap to come.