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Game Preview: Knicks at Sixers- 11/28/18

Enes Kanter claims to own real estate in Furkan Korkmaz’s head.

New York (7-15) dances the square up against Philadelphia (14-8) tonight. The hullaballoo over Markelle Fultz needing a new home and the Knicks being in talent acquisition mode will certainly throw the first spiked punch. This is a boring and asinine non-story. Fultz has a monstrous case of the yips, plus a variety of mysterious injuries, and no trade value whatsoever but the Knicks are the media’s most highly touted rube and thus a top destination.

If you must add fuel to this fire, both Fultz and Mitchell Robinson share an agent (a lawyer) in Raymond Brothers. Brothers has three NBA players on his roster that have expiring contracts this coming off season. Maybe he just wants to bring the circle in tight to consolidate his client war room this summer. What the hell do I know?

In any case, the Sixers are coming off an impressive comeback over Brooklyn replete with Jimmy Butler’s second game-winner since becoming a 76er.

Projected Starters

Key Matchup

Well golly. I wonder if we can get a good Emmanuel Mudiay game. Because he should have the heft to belly up to Ben Simmons and keep him from getting whatever he wants. The five games of Mudiay turning himself into a quality rotation player needs to stretch a lot further to make me a believer. If he can hold it together against Ben Simmons that would be a pretty distinct notch on his belt.

Of course, that’s a tough ask. The other problem of course is what on earth do the Knicks do with the rest of the Sixers?


I smell foul trouble. Mitchell Robinson fouled out in 17 minutes last night. Speaking of last night, the Sixers had it off. I’m sure that means Butler and Joel Embiid were polishing their weapons and smoking dust as they plot carving up their next victim.

Knicks by -18.

Warm Up Music