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This Week in Knicks Social Media: Winter is Coming

Snow, Dogs, Travel

Wikimedia Commons

Cuddle up friends, it’s beginning to get cold.

Remember that freak snowstorm? If social media is to be believed (BIG IF), it was the first for young Mitchell Robinson (of Florida/Louisiana).

Fight global warming so we can see more scenes like this in the future!

Speaking of Danger, he wants to know who his day ones are:

Well, Iso Zo is there for him, always ready to boost a teammate:

Or maybe he actually literally wants to know who’s hanging out with his puppy? ALERT - PUPPY PICTURE:


Here’s the top dog with one of his top dogs.

That dog is cute.

And heeeeere’s Toby Porzingis! Enjoying that snow!

Snow? What snow? Your First Lady (of the Knicks) is not impressed:

An interesting organizational change is that a number of players on this team are not even old enough to drink or go to clubs. A team full of youngsters and rookies experiences life in the NBA a little differently from, say, our friend JR Smith. Not a lot of stories from da club.

There’s always team movie nights of course:

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Saturday night flick! @michaelbjordan & @creedmovie ! !

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(Question: do they just wear their Knicks gear everywhere, or just to team events?)

There’s the fun of luxury hotel life:

There’s lots and lots of video games

(these are only a few in an ongoing series of “Knicks Players Screen Shot Their Video Games.” Fortnite, NBA2K and FIFA appear to be the most popular.)

There’s also fun, dumb, rookie endorsement deals:

endless MSG promos to be done (it was food week):

(asparagus is delicious, my dude)

and... and... whatever this is:

And lastly, NBA players: they’re just like us.

We all know that feeling, Mitch.