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Game Preview: Knicks at Wizards- 11/04/18


In front of a mid-term election for thine Führer to end all mid-term elections, the Knicks (3-6) travel to the Go-Go District with their eyes on taking down the free falling Wizards (1-7) who have lost five in a row. There is no defense being played in Washington. Laziness in transition, lack of communication in half court. It’s exactly the type of stuff that the young Knicks can and should jump on. Or over. It’s been an ugly struggle to start the year for the former Bullets, the fans almost proudly booed the team in their last outing, a nationally televised avalanche. Even Wizards owner, Ted Leonsis, has literally jumped in front of the commissioner of the NBA to give his thoughts.

That seems not good. Washington’s version of Enes Kanter, Dwight Howard, came back from having a hurt butt on Friday and he played unreasonably well to get the game started but the Thunder settled in and knocked them out in the second-quarter with a 44-point barrage. A lot of it came from lack of communication, and knowing your assignments. Here, Markieff Morris just neglects to hedge on Russell Westbrook (Russel freaking Westbrook), instead cutting off his teammate, Kelly Oubre, as he lazily recovers to Jerami Grant, who he is (lol) behind.

When people say Frank Ntilikina needs to attack more what that means is often obscured. He doesn’t need to get to the hoop and get dunks or layups every other possession and play like Westbrook. He does need to turn the corner like this and probe and cut into space. It will make anxious defenders and ball watchers jump toward his live dribble. The above play is exactly how Frank should be attacking, with his head up and ready to slice to the goal.

Anyway, look at this nonsense:

Note the time there. Washington started the third quarter with a horrific blown assignment. This is a biddie basketball problem. If the Wizards are out there hanging their heads in shame and confusion, New York will have to capitalize on it. You see what I did.

Projected Starters

Key Matchup

The Wizards of course are still a dangerous team. Bradley Beal will be a tough cover and he could definitely go out there and win a game by himself if he can find the motivation. Watch here as Paul George sniffs out the Wizards play before they even get across half court and forces Alex Abrines to switch out onto an Alpaca in the corner. George digs in on the smaller Beal and despite blanketing him, has no hope of getting a stop.

Beal can score from all three levels and just has more patience, burst and strength than most defenders. It will be a tough matchup for the Knick guards.


Knicks are just more willing to give a shit. Overplaying because they smell blood will lead to foul trouble and they’ll get down early. Back to full strength New York will jump on the Wizards in the third quarter. Game gets close and New York’s youth just isn’t quite enough to close out the contest.

Knicks by -6.

Warm up music

Here’s the best rap song to ever come out of DC.