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Knicks: 115, Bulls 116: Scenes from the first time Clyde ever saw Mudiay make two consecutive baskets

Mudiay and Kanter played their best and the Knicks lost.

NBA: Chicago Bulls at New York Knicks Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

What an annoying game. The Knicks couldn’t make a basket for most of the first quarter. Allonzo Trier struggled early in his first ever start before finally putting some things together. The Bulls pushed out in front. Both teams combined for something dumb like 34 points in the first half. The Knicks fought back. In the second half both teams totally blundered their way through the final few minutes of the fourth quarter and all of both overtimes. Eventually Zach LaVine did what wavering little he could to wrest control of the damn thing. Eventually being bailed out by Emmanuel Mudiay who reached in with 0.2 seconds left. LaVine goes to the line for the win.

It was super ugly but let’s just look at some of the fun stuff.

Excellent job by Frank Ntilikina to contain the breakaway and allow Trier some time to catch up to the play and capsize that weak stuff. Otherwise a rough game for Frank and I’m worried he’ll be pulled from the starting lineup.

If it’s blocks you like, Mitchell Robinson is always zooming in to reject someone.

I guess Mitchell still has to work on keeping multiple pots on the stove without letting anything get burnt.

Mudiay with his best game as a Knick. No doubt about it. He made some great plays that kept the Knicks hopes alive. This play wasn’t one of them.

Trier did eventually figure some things out but he ran out of steam too- as did many players on both teams. Here, with enough time, he easily canned this three. Nice to see some timely hooping from Zo.

Oh lordy. There were probably six or eight turnovers down the stretch and in the overtimes where guys stepped out of bounds. Not an exaggeration. Thank goodness it didn’t go to triple overtime. It was an ugly game from two teams that are stuck in the mud. Check out Knicks Fan TV while we get our full recap together. Thank goodness that game is over.