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Game Preview: Knicks vs Cavs- 12/12/18

Cookin up in the trap game.

Pretty beaten down by injuries and with the revolving door of trade spinning, the Cavaliers (6-21) welcome the not as critically wounded Knicks (8-20). Both of these teams are deep in the well of struggle. Cleveland hasn’t had Kevin Love basically all year and just lost arguably their best player to date in Tristan Thompson.

The Knicks have tightened up some of their issues, but nevertheless have lost four consecutive. This at the beginning of a road trip might be their best chance to sneak away with a victory cigarello.

Projected Starters

Key Matchup

Collin Sexton has yet to figure out NBA basketball. He may find his way toward a passable back up one day, an angrier Brandon Jennings perhaps. He is, for now, just the tugboat for a sinking ship. I hope very desperately to see Frank Ntilikina rook him. Paw at that loose handle and sink your teeth into transition. Take control of this team, Frank, it should belong to you. Your opponent is not as talented as they once were. Lest we forget...


This is one of those games that people will bemoan winning when the Draft lottery comes around. I think the Knicks might have enough to outmatch this squad. Enes Kanter isn’t fleet of foot enough to deal with Larry Nance but Nance doesn’t have the bulk to refuse the battering ram that is Kanter. Noah Vonleh should overwhelm Cedi Osman. Tim Hardaway Jr should be able to spring free for good looks on the variety of former Jazz and Laker players thrown his way. New York gets the win and their fans are unsettled by it.

Knicks by 13.

Warm Up Music

This goes out to all my subgenius’. I’m not sure if Devo is my favorite band from Ohio. It might be The Breeders. This might be my favorite song from Ohio, though. In my twisted mind, Frank is so close. He just needs to rip away the gates of steal.