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Game Preview: Knicks at Hornets- 12/14/18

Is a Hornets nest dangerous?

New York (8-21) zips down to Charlotte (14-13) for the second game of their road trip. The Hornets are flying high, on a mini three-game win streak. Especially after this amazing Jeremy Lamb game-winner.

The Knicks, on the other hand, have lost five consecutive and are coming off a pitiful game-losing inbound catastrophe.

Kevin Knox is starting to figure this NBA thing out and perhaps the Knicks are in line for a Frank Ntilikina revenge game?

Projected Starters

I’m of the mind that the Knicks need to get Ntilikina into that starting lineup, but Mudiay hasn’t done anything to lose his job. Noah Vonleh continues to be one of the most effective and malleable players on the team. That’s why I think I agree with this sentiment...

Key Matchup

The starting two-guards may determine where this game is headed. Both are wiry grenade-launchers. For the Knicks, Tim Hardaway Jr needs to get on track and the Hornets obviously have Jeremy Lamb feeling pretty good.

It’s a pretty even matchup but the Knicks need to win this to stand a chance.


The Hornets will have some of that very nourishing home cooking. They’ve also had a bit of a preview into where the Knicks might be headed with Knox and Ntilikina commanding more time on the floor.

Knicks by -9.

Warm Up Music

Too lit.