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Game Preview: Knicks vs Suns- 12/17/18

Ping pong bowl.

Punctuating a rough little road trip with their second game in as many nights the Knicks (9-22) welcome in the Suns (6-24). New York only had one win and even that took an extra frame. So this game won’t be easy despite coming against one of the weakest teams in the NBA. Thankfully even this sure footed Log Lady can put ‘em on skates.

The Suns- who have won 1⁄3 of their entire season’s win total in the previous two games- just majorly bungled their way into a Trevor Ariza trade (relatable) that netted them Austin Rivers and Kelly Oubre. Both of those guys might be ready to roll tonight. Bonafide Knick-killers in a trap game rising from the ashes of a road trip.

Projected Starters

De’Anthony Melton is gonna handcuff Mudiay.

Key Matchup

Forward battle! The Suns have TJ Warren and Deandre Ayton up front who defend about as poorly as you can in this league. It will be interesting to see if Enes Kanter is rough enough to bully Ayton. Meanwhile Noah Vonleh will get wherever he needs to against Warren. If Vonleh has his wits about him and is granted enough space by Kanter, he’ll be able to bumrush the cup and go up with it or dump it off as the defense dictates. I’m sensing a slow rotation and a little of this:


Phoenix feels freed from the veteran stew of Tyson Chandler and Trevor Ariza. They can now emerge from their cocoons and be who they really are, young and careless. The veterans, in a strange way, are Melton and Mikal Bridges now. Devin Booker is who they’ll funnel a lot of the action to, but Bridges and Melton set the tone for the team. Phoenix feels emboldened on their big win streak and fluffs it up a little more as they run the tired Knick legs off the floor. Trey Burke takes gajillion shots.

Knicks by -3.

Warm Up Music