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Game Preview: Knicks at 76ers- 12/19/18

Gonna go get our Liberty Bell rung.

Philadelphia (20-12) hasn’t won or lost consecutive games since December started. Their last game, a loss to San Antonio, happened to be their biggest loss of the year. That means, if the trend were to continue, New York (9-23) is set to be the rightful holder of a hefty “L”.

Not certain if the word is out across the league just yet but it would appear the Enes Kanter has a target on his back and his front.

Yea that stings. But like I said, not sure if the word is out. Pretty sure it’s just Devin Booker who knows.

Everyone in Oklahoma City knows too but that’s it, I promise.

Projected Starters

Key Matchup

Joel Embiid has been struggling a bit lately. Trying to adjust to the insertion of Jimmy Butler and finding fewer post ups has made him a little more thinking and a little less reacting. This isn’t to say he hasn’t been producing, just that he’s had a few clunkers with foul trouble, turnover woes and some poor shooting nights. Occasionally they hit all at once. That’s why a chance to face Enes Kanter is perfect for Embiid. He’ll get to coast for good stretches, pick his spots and help facilitate offense for others. Establishing a rhythm and maybe greasing the team’s gears toward future success in (I apologize) the process.

If things get gnarly with these feisty Knicks, he can always decide to take over because Kanter will not resist him.


Philly is gonna get loose. They can’t come off their worst loss of the year, followed by media speculation that Brett Brown should be fired and lay an egg against one of the five worst teams in the NBA at the moment. If a few guys come back from injury woes, maybe the Knicks play a spirited 48. The Sixers should still have enough firepower to take them down anyway.

Knicks by -29.

Warm Up Music

The Knicks are on one.