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Wassup in Westchester: W-Knicks lose massive lead on opening night in Vegas

Westchester’s inability to maintain huge leads occurs in surprising fashion once again.

NBAE/Getty Images

Hey, let me say this: Comebacks do happen. In fact, they happen all the time if we’re being honest. But what shouldn’t happen is a team constantly watching their leads disappear, especially when it’s one of a huge amount. On Wednesday night, the Westchester Knicks (14-6) began their two day trip in Las Vegas in great fashion as they led 70-44 at halftime against the Iowa Wolves (7-11). Yet, when it was finished, the W-Knicks saw their 26-point lead go to waste as the Wolves rallied back and defeated them 113-106.

In huge thanks to the efforts of Darius Johnson-Odom (27 Points), Jared Terrell (20 Points), Jonathan Stark (18 Points), and C.J. Wiliiams (19 Points), the Wolves found their offensive rhythm in the second half while outright shutting down the W-Knicks on defense. How? Because as the Wolves scored 69 points, the W-Knicks only scored more than half of their amount with 36 points. And in addition to their offensive struggles in the second half, the W-Knicks shot 34% from the field and gave up the ball, 13 times.

Five players managed to score in the double digits for the W-Knicks, with John Jenkins leading the way once again with 30 points on 10-15 shooting from the field and five three pointer made. After going through a slow start following his return from playing for Team USA over an week ago, Jenkins has been the explosive scorer and shooter, he’s always been during his time in the G-League.

Up next for the Westchester Knicks is their final game of this year’s NBA G-League scouting event, as they face the Austin Spurs on Friday.