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Game Preview: Knicks vs Wizards- 12/3/18

Buncha Warlocks.

The Wizards (9-14) are in town tonight to face your New York Knicks (8-16). Wahsington has struggled on the road, a feeble 2-9. They had the Knicks’ number earlier this year, and will certainly be looking to capitalize on that, if you catch my drift. The Knicks of course are still basking in the glow of their win over a tough Milwaukee Bucks team.

The Wizards beat up the Brooklyn Nets last night. Brooklyn is still headed for the playoffs behind the genius of Sean Marks and his roster of misfit toys. For some reason they share a record with the Knicks, who are losers that make only bad decisions. Sounds like the Wizards can’t lose.

Projected Starters

Key Matchup

Mitchell Robinson vs Markieff Morris. It’s about time to get this hooligan tossed from a regular season game. Morris only has four technicals so far this year because pre-season doesn’t count. Robinson actually did a great job contesting Giannis Antetokounmpo with length and timing his jump. They both come off the bench right now. I like the idea of them getting it on. You dirtbags have been in third place for five years.


Kelly Oubre, the Alpaca Chuck Taylor, goes ballistic and dumps in 36 points. New York fails to adjust to Oubre shuffling around and hitting spot up triplicates.

Knicks by -11

Warm Up Music

Ayo, ayo. Nene still play for you weirdos?