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Wizards 110, Knicks 107: Scenes from a comfort food come-from-ahead loss

Served with a side of late, doomed hope.

NBA: Washington Wizards at New York Knicks Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Wizards are often only good half the time, but good for a half was enough to best the Knicks 110-107. Washington came into tonight’s tilt loose and looking like a team that had won 8 straight at Madison Square Garden.

New York assumed the advantage in the early going, thanks to a share-the-wealth tact that saw many Knicks with the knack.

Enes Kanter and Mario Hezonja are more than long shots to return next year. There’s def chemistry building between them, an unspoken thing. For what could the damned really have to say to the damned? Kanter got off to a typical hot start scoring and rebounding, but early foul trouble saw him sit for Mitchell Robinson. Robinson, you may have heard, is productive in different ways.

In the first half the Wizards were not, as is the case too often, led by John Wall. Still, even disappointing John Wall is something the likes of which we haven’t seen ‘round these parts in many moons.

Kelly Oubre Jr. and Bradley Beal were the evening’s antagonists. Whatever team ends up acquiring Beal is lucky. Real Deal Beal was dealing.

As for Oubre — today I was on day four of a migraine. I was hurting and dragging my ass all day. Oubre reminds me when I was young, and hurting and dragging weren’t things. The man is 22. 22 is a thousand years away...

In This Day In Knicks Forgettable History, Courtney Lee made his season debut, scoring his first point on a free throw his teammates let him take. A split second later:

New York was up nine at the half, and while there was balance in the force, there was also lots of Tim Hardaway Jr., who in addition to the three-ball was taking it to the basket.

Washington came out in the third deciding to actually play defense and stop the Knicks’ dribble penetration, and voila! it worked. Or rather, it worked in conjunction with the Wiz getting hot on the other end.

A 28-8 run turned the game on its head. Hardaway had 15 at the half; Hezonja and Noah Vonleh each had nine; THJ barely reached 20, Vonleh scored two more and Mario was shut out.

Otto Porter hit a three to give the Wizards the lead midway through the third and I realized 30 minutes of game time had passed before I knew Porter was still alive. The third quarter was a Wiz wave of high percentage looks.

In a few minutes the Knicks went from bossing the game to looking like extras from the losing teams in Be Like Mike.

Washington’s entire offense stems from their guards and wings. If only the Knicks had a gifted young defender with wingspan and intelligence who might help with that. But it’s not like they do. Or like there was more need than usual for a guard because Trey Burke was out injured or anything like that. And while I’m kvetching, what in God’s arse is an Ansel Elgort?

More evidence tonight that Robinson may be the preeminent off-hand shot-blocker in Knicks history.

Meanwhile, back to the whupping.

This is wrong.

You knew it was over when...

There was the brief obligatory fake comeback, mostly for the noobs here. But the old heads knew this was an L in the making from the start. Surprise! We’re back, baby!

Recap soon.