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Wassup in Westchester: W-Knicks survive overtime thriller

The four man group of Hicks, Garrett, Allen, & Williams led the way towards a sixth consecutive win.

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While the Westchester Knicks (11-3) will be a bit frustrated with how they won on Monday, they also have to be happy. For any team to become better as they pursue their goal of winning a championship, they need to be able to withstand all kinds of circumstances. And one of them, is facing a opponent on the road as they’re chipping away at your double-digit lead. This is what the Knicks faced on Monday night, as they barely survived in a 112-107 overtime win against the Delaware Blue Coats.

Despite producing a 31-18 first quarter lead and building upon it, the Knicks weren’t able to put away a Blue Coats team that was resilient. Shake Milton and Cory Jefferson combined to score 43 points, and were very aggressive yet efficient with their offense. And not only were those two players impressive to watch, but check this next part out. The Blue Coats actually erased the Knicks’ 18 point lead in the fourth quarter, after outscoring them 29-11 in the final eight minutes of regulation. So how did the Knicks survive?

When it was all said and done, the quartet of Isaiah Hicks, Billy Garrett, Kadeem Allen, and Kenrich Williams provided some much need shot-making in the clutch. Hicks and Allen scored 24 and 23 points as Garrett and Williams finished with 15 each. In overtime, which produced a 6-1 difference, Hicks, Garrett, and Allen scored all of the Knicks’ points and it boosted their final totals by quite a bit. In the end, the Knicks shot 48%-38%-82% from the field while also winning the turnover battle, 25-13 against the Blue Coats.

Following Monday’s game, the Westchester Knicks will return home to face the South Bay Lakers on Wednesday night.