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Game Preview: Knicks at Celtics- 12/6/18

You again?


Ya burnt.

The Celtics (13-10) get to sit on their hairy keisters as Knicks (8-17) come over to play at their house again. Don’t worry your though, Trey Burke is out with an MCL sprain. So the theatrics will have to come from somewhere else. Wild guess: won’t be Enes Kanter. I know Al Horford is still trying to stop his momentum from those Burke step back jumpers but he should have the brakes to putter around with Kanter.

Projected Starters

Boston has won three in a row. In part due to their invigorating new starting lineup. Jaylen Brown has missed the passed couple games with a lower back bruise and will be returning tonight, but expects to come off the bench.

Key Matchup

Can Emmanuel Mudiay scale the Little Mountain that is Kyrie Irving? Mudiay has the size to bother Irving. Should his attention to detail prevail (which has been relatively conscious of late) he may give Kyrie a little more of a load than he would like to shoulder. Read more about Booty Bae in Doug’s wonderful article from a couple days back. Mudiay has been leaping in front of defenders and pinning them on his hip as he jostles his way to the rim. Could that slow down Irving? Could it force a switch to have Marcus Smart take on Mudiay? Could the Knicks have enough talent to then head hunt Irving with Tim Hardaway Jr.?! Tune in to find out, crime stoppers.


The Celtics clamp up, lock down, press right and clutch left. They’ve had several days of rest and Brad Stevens- despite being on the hot seat, a ticking time bomb- should help his team be well prepared.

Knicks by -9.

Warm Up Music