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Calling all December P&T mailbag questions!

Tis the season to ask whatevs

I hate Christmas puns. Just because it’s December doesn’t make lines like “O Christmas Trier” or “Jolly Ol’ Saint Ntilikina” or “The Twelve Days of Kristaps” any less dumb than they sound in June. These P&T mailbags are Stalinist five-year plans: relentless, unforgiving, essentially war crimes committed in a time of peace.

The Ntilikina trade debate continues to rage without pause. Porzingis’ potential return is nearing the point where it’s no longer strictly a question for future-you to consider. With last summer’s free agent signings now eligible to be traded, figure more teams are ready to make moves; maybe the Knicks fit in with that somehow.

I was going to do a “bring us your tired questions, your poorly-thought out ones” bit, but in light of the same country that every December 25th celebrates the escape of a refugee family nowadays trending more in the direction of hateful King Herod, I’m just gonna issue the standard invite. Whatchu wanna ask about the Knicks? The NBA? The things between heaven and earth? Your dreams? Your philosophies? Ask away in the comments below or on the P&T Twitter page.