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This Week in Knicks Social Media: Good Friends We’ve Had and Good Friends We’ve Lost


Happy Year of the Dog, fellow travellers! We’ve made it to the All-Star Break. Yay.

Before we plunge into the tail end of the season, let’s take a look back at some friends we’ve lost along the way, some forever and some for only a few months.

So farewell, Doug McDermott, and your bucket-making ways.

Good luck at your next city @dougmcd03 ! The valley connect will meet again! ⌚️

A post shared by Ron Baker (@ronbaker620) on

Wishing my guys nothing but success. @dougmcd03 @willyhernangomez

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And goodbye Willy Hernangomez, handsomest man in the NBA*, friend of KP and Luka Dončić:

(*except for the current hairstyle: no es bueno)

And although our Willy has landed in the Carolinas,

hopefully the ancient bonds of FIFA will keep friendships forged in the Garden alive:

(so cute.)

And in return, look! Here’s the new guy! Welcome to the team, E-man!

So how’d it go?


That’s an attitude that will stand you in good stead for the rest of the year, my friend! “We didn’t win but hey! it was nice to wear a Knicks uniform.” You’ll do fine.

Next! On to our fallen warriors!

Ron Baker wants you to read children’s books. If not his book, how about another?

Ron is out of surgery and reading is fundamental.

Already used to his mask, it appears Ron has embraced his surgically reconstructed personae:


He’s also taking in some air outside. Exercise is important for recovery!

(it’s really strange to see all these pictures Ron posts because they’re all in my neighborhood and I don’t understand why I haven’t run into Ron Baker. The photo above is right next to my dog’s favorite tree. He’s super tall. How have I missed him? Ron! Come hang out with me and my dog!)

And of course there was one other little surgical procedure this week in Knickslandia. Here is an action shot from right afterward:

Is that a fourth Porzingis brother?

Maybe not! Or maybe he has already been sent to get the car. Anyway, be careful with that leg, KP!

Oh good, nothing but the finest electronic stimulatory devices for our unicorn:

(exercise those legs and FIFA fingers, KP)

Speaking of dogs, why hello there! There is a pupper on KP’s lap! His name is Toby but it’s unclear whether he belongs to KP or one of his brothers. Martins, probably.

Wait, what’s that? Did someone mention dogs?

Oh yeah they did:

Dogs are great.

Gung Hay Fat Choy!