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Knicks practice notes: It appears Emmanuel Mudiay will start at PG Thursday

Good for him!

NBA: Washington Wizards at New York Knicks Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Knicks held back-to-back practices Tuesday and Wednesday, and the consensus among the beat writers, based upon comments by Jeff Hornacek, is that Emmanuel Mudiay will probably start at point guard Thursday against the Magic.

Mudiay played with the starters during scrimmages, and he’s certainly talking like he’s about to be given the starting job. Per Stefan Bondy.

“Definitely means something to me. I’m not going to take it for granted. I came in as a lottery pick so I was kind of handed the spot and stuff like that. So the fact that I’m in that position again it’s a blessing. Thank God for it. I just have to take full advantage.”

Well, that is certainly a fine, mature response. But what about the Knicks reigning lottery pick, Frank Ntilikina. Well, Hornacek referenced Frankie’s bum knee and, well I’m not quite sure the reasoning here.

“(Ntilikina’s) knee hurt for a while there, and that’s stuff we have to build up. And again, this is going to be great the last 23 games for him because we’ll see — can he play the 30 minutes without his knees hurting?”

I’m not 100% sure what Frank’s knee pains have to do with him playing with the reserves. Whatever. If he’s healthy, give him minutes. Chances are, he outplays Mudiay within a few games...again, if he’s healthy. If he’s not, why are you playing him at all, Jeff?

Anyway, here’s Frank and Emmanuel shooting threes. Basketball is almost back!