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This Week in Knicks Social Media: I Know What You Did Last Weekend

Not an all-star? Not a problem.

Hello dear little cabbages, how have you been? Perhaps you did not notice (curling can be very engrossing), but your Knickerbockers have not been playing basketball recently. Instead, they have been enjoying the All-Star break not-basketballing. What does this mean, not-basketball? We shall explore this phenomenon through visual aids below.

A gentleman you may recognize, Mr. Kristaps Porzingis, has been recovering from a recent visit to the hospital for minor leg surgery. Perhaps you have heard something about this. Shortly after his surgery he broadcast a livestream which was mostly in Latvian and which was possibly influenced by medically-necessary narcotics:

This is good! It is very much to be desired that Mr. Porzingis continue to share the process of his recovery with the world, because the organization for which he labors is not always forthcoming with such information. Thus we are pleased to see these things minutely detailed.

Going to therapy:

Receiving TENS stimulation (or possibly electronic leeches):

And goodness, working on those quad muscles.

I predict that we will all be very familiar with dear Kristaps’s feet when this is all over.

Speaking of feet! And really, aren’t we always? Mr. Kyle Brandon O’Quinn of Queens, NY, chose to spend his break engaging in self-care:

Of late Mr. KO’Q has been noting that he, or the situation that he finds himself in, or perhaps the world at large, is savage.

Mr. Ronald Delaine Baker, Cyborg of the Upper West Side, used his time off to travel to his spawning-grounds, a place called “The Cribbbb” in Wichita, Kansas. The stages of this journey were well-documented, as you would expect from any human-machine hybrid:

Also returning to spawning grounds, but of a more delicious type, is Mr. Lance Thomas. Lance Thomas is a man who is always on brand. He knows what he likes and he likes what he knows. And what he likes are his beautiful partner, sport fishing, and dogs. Lance perfectly encapsulates this ethos in one single week:

Happy Valentine's Day girllllll

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and finally, of course, dogs. Message discipline, our Lance!

Romeo #nationalloveyourpetday

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Our final trip is with young master Timothy Duane Hardaway, Junior. Mr. Hardaway, Jr. took advantage of a few days off to go all the way to the Yucatan to visit Tulum (highly recommended, btw). We do not know if Mr. Hardaway, Jr. visited the archeological site and saw the Mayan ruins, but we do know that he saw some wine:

and the beach:

and a sleepy Michigan fan:

and some sort of parade or party vehicle, possibly Carnival-related):

In sum, vacation did in fact exist.

(side note: our dearly missed friend Mr. Guillermo Gustavo Hernangomez was mere miles away in Playa del Carmen. One likes to imagine that perhaps they got together for a drink.)

And that, my dears, is that.

Welcome back! Go [lose some games] the Knicks!