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Golden State 125, New York 111: Scenes from “duh”

Sunrise. Sunset.

Golden State Warriors v New York Knicks Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

In many ways, the Knicks’ 125-111 loss to the Golden State Warriors was a success. Winning wasn’t gonna happen, but it was a high-scoring, competitive affair for a half, and watching the Warriors do one of their third quarter obliterations was entertaining in the way seeing a tiger eat an alligator is. The loss also helped the Knicks “gain” a game on the Lakers, who won tonight, and keep pace with Chicago, who lost.

A lot of the early fun was generated by Emmanuel Mudiay, who had a Knick-career high 23 points.

Mudiay was bringing it.

The Knick point guards were on-point throughout the opening half. Frank Ntilikina with a special moment to end the opening frame.

I love you people, so I’ll spare you footage of Golden State’s 39-18 third quarter that put the game away. Suffice it to say when JaVale McGee is hitting fallback rainbow jumpers, we’re all Jon Stewart.

Let Troy Williams ease the pain.

Room for one more? The abuelita I carry within insists you have some more.

Back with the recap in a bit.