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Calling all P&T Mailbag questions!

You’ve lived over a month without a mailbag. If you can call that living...

Golden State Warriors v New York Knicks Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Last time we had a mailbag, people were writing to ask about signing Doug McDermott to an extension and what position Kristaps Porzingis should play. Were we ever so young? Dougie has since moved on to lesser digs — not only are the Mavericks below the Knicks in the standings, but they’re facing serious criticism regarding a distressing pattern of enabling gendered violence and sexual harassment (a grotesquerie Knick fans are all too familiar with). Meanwhile, these days we’re less concerned with Porzingis being spotted at a particular position and more with him being spotted on crutches.

In this brave yet bumbling post-KP world, we need new direction. New purpose. Thus, we need new questions for the next P&T mailbag. Our renowned “Know The Prospect” series is kicking off soon, but maybe that’s not good enough for you. Maybe you have a specific question about a specific prospect and God didn’t put you on this Earth to wait and find out. Ask away! Maybe you have a hot take on all the 25-and-under dudes threatening to burn a hole right through your hungry little heart. Let it out! Maybe you’re wondering “Which Knick is most likely to get his face on a coin in a distant dystopian future, and why?” Sike! Trick question: ain’t no coins in the future. They’ll just tattoo bar codes on babies and be done with physical money.

As always, post your question in the comments below, or hit us up on Facebook or Twitter. Asking is the first step on the path to inner peace. Seek and ye shall find, y’all.