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The Knicks players REALLY enjoyed riding out the Nor’Easter in Miami

Knicks Weather the Storm.

Greetings, Knicks fans.

There’s a good chance that where you are is seeing some, well, unseasonable weather. From Cleveland to DC to Cape Cod, there’s a pretty little storm hanging out:

The Federal Government shut down, NYC schools had a snow day, JFK closed, Justin Timberlake cancelled his concert, Upper West Siders are panic buying camembert, and the streets are a mess of wet slush. (Full disclosure: I love snow).

Would you like to know how your favorite basketball team rode out this historic storm? They are here to tell you.

A quirk of scheduling pit the team against the Enemy of Old, Pat Riley & the Heat.

In Miami.

Where there is no snow.

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They really, really want to point our that they are in Miami.

All of them.

Troy Williams:

Trey Burke:

Frank Ntilikina:

Damyean Dotson:

Enes Kanter:

Ron! (traveling with the team! Maybe it’s always an option and he was like hell yeah I’ll go to Miami?):

And lastly, happiest of all, Miami native Tim Hardaway (Jr.):

The Knicks lost, by the way: 119-98. Enjoy the sun, fellas!

Enjoy the snow, Posters & Toasters!