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Hornets 137, Knicks 128: Scenes from Trey Burke, the rich man’s A.I.


NBA: New York Knicks at Charlotte Hornets Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Boy, no team finds quite as many ways to crush your soul as the New York Knicks. The ‘Bockers came from 17 down to take a fourth-quarter lead on the Charlotte Hornets thanks to the heroics of Trey Burke (42 points!!!! 12 assists!!! I kid you not!). Unfortunately, they let Kemba Walker, who had been 0-8 from three prior, hit a game-tying triple in the waning seconds, and then the All-Star took over the overtime period. Charlotte walked away with the 137-128 win, but Trey Burke walked away with our hearts.

Let the comparisons continue...

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Frank Ntilikina had perhaps his best offensive half of the season in the first. Sadly, it wouldn’t carry over, as he fouled out of the game early in the fourth quarter. Here’s Michael Beasley asking him if he fouled out.

And here’s a dazzling coast-to-coast bucket from the rook.


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The Knicks are pretty much locked into the No. 9 spot in the lottery, so this would have been a nice game to have. Alas, we’ll always have Treysanity.