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This Week in Knicks Social Media: You Say It’s Your Birthday


Nick DeNicola Patchogue Shores

Hello to all you spring chickens. It’s March! We made it! In like lions!

March is for birthdays (also the end of February—Pisces rule!) and the Knicks know this. You may not have seen Joakim Noah in a while but he’s around, and obviously pretty popular with his teammates. A cascade of birthday tributes are here for the NY-native, sometime Knick, and leader of the Jeff Hornacek Resistance.

The New Kid sends his regards:

Courtney Lee with what looks like a shot from the Civil Rights museum in Memphis:

as well as a shot that is clearly a violation of all kinds of human rights:

just... yikes.

KP has a cute nickname:

and Ron Baker gives props as one Hairdo owner to another:

Some of the best hair in the league! Happy Bday Stix! @stickity13 !

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And what is Jo up to? Looks like he’s doing OK.

K O’s bar mitzvah present @kyle.oquinn @willyhernangomez #holdat

A post shared by Joakim Noah (@stickity13) on

Biere du village

A post shared by Joakim Noah (@stickity13) on

Hate the contract, not the player.

Also celebrating birthdays: Emmanuel Mudiay (need a nickname: anyone have suggestions?), three Bakers and Future Knick Luka Dončić.

Join us in wishing @emmanuelmudiay a Happy Birthday!

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**Kristaps Porzingis Rehab/Recovery Section**

Everyday progress.

A post shared by Kristaps Porzingis (@kporzee) on

Our lizard king scoots along every day to physical therapy, chilling in the passenger side in various adidas kicks and weather inappropriate clothing, showing his massive brace and various treatments.

(I have concluded that the mystery fourth Porzingis brother is actually the physical therapist, and that KP has managed to magically find someone for PT that exactly shares the, um, Porzingis aesthetic.)

So then here is this, hot off the presses:

Notice the lack of brace?

So we know that KP is ambulatory and can at least stand for a while without his brace. This is good.

** Canine Corner **

Perhaps noting our interest in all things Toby here at P&T, the Brothers Porzingis have been providing us with some quality Toby content. Thank you! Keep it up, please!

Toby hanging out while everyone plays video games:

Toby being frightened by a banana:

Toby wrasslin’:

and of course Toby literally eating $100 bills:

The rich: they’re just like you and me.

As mentioned about a thousand times, Lance Thomas is a man who loves German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois dogs. Lance, an intellectual, has figured out a way to multiply his personal collection of canines: puppies!

From Lance’s Instagram story, it would appear that he is sending one of his puppers to Houston for breeding, the ultimate dog booty call.

That look! Those eyes!

The role of the rabbits is not clear. Are we in a mass M*A*S*H need-a-rabbit-for-a-pregnancy-test situation? Is this in-flight entertainment for the dogs? Or just the weird kind of coincidence you run into when you’re mailing animals?

One more! A dark horse! Out of nowhere, with no explanation other than the observation that it is lit, Damyean Dotson IG’d himself puppy-snuggling:

Who is this dog?

We’ll wrap things up with a post from Enes Kanter, because someone has to keep things light on this ship that is sinking: