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Knicks to host 'Pride Night' on March 13

In the Name of Love!

This coming Tuesday night’s game against the Dallas Mavericks will be the first-ever Knicks Pride Night (presented by adidas).

In case you’re wondering how LGBTQ pride is expressed through the medium of professional basketball, there will be performances by the NYC Gay Men’s Chorus and others, as well as a topical Sweetwater Clifton award presentation and a DJ. Also there will be T-shirt and themed cake pops. Which were frustratingly not previewed on the press release.

This is great! The New York Knicks are celebrating LGBTQ pride! This may seem like it’s no huge deal in 2018 but...

a. Sadly it still is; and

b. Our beloved team, from players to coaches to fans, has had a painful history of making the Garden unwelcome to LGBTQ fans.

Whether or not it’s mostly marketing, it’s high time MSG and the team try to build some bridges instead of constantly playing defense. So good for the Knicks! Those rainbow shirts are sweet AF. And if anyone goes to this game, please post a picture of the cake pops.