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The Knicks have fired head coach Jeff Hornacek, assistant Kurt Rambis

Peace out.

NBA: New York Knicks at Cleveland Cavaliers David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The Knicks’ 2017-18 season is officially over...let the firings begin!

Steve Mills and Scott Perry did not waste any time in firing head coach Jeff Hornacek. Per ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski:

Knicks president Steve Mills and GM Scott Perry informed Hornacek of his firing upon the team’s return to suburban New York following a flight back from a 108-95 victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Hornacek had one year left on his contract. Kurt Rambis, associate head coach under Hornacek, was also dismissed.

Whoa whoa buried the lede there, Woj. You mean Kurt Rambis has been fired too? THE TRIANGLE IS OFFICIALLY DEAD! LONG LIVE ALL THE OTHER SHAPES!

According to Woj, the Knicks’ front office already has a list of potential replacements for Hornacek. As usual with the Knicks, the list is filled with retreads: former Grizzlies coach David Fizdale, former Cavaliers coach David Blatt and former Warriors coach Mark Jackson. The final name on the list, current G League coach Jerry Stackhouse, is the only one without previous NBA coaching experience. I’m partial to the fresh blood myself, but let us know who you’d like to replace Hornacek in the comments.