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Knicks front office set to interview Juwan Howard for head coach position

A Heat? Really?

Miami Heat v Orlando Magic Photo by Manuela Davies/Getty Images

The Great New York Knicks Coaching Search of 2018 continues. Zach Lowe reported Saturday that the Knicks plan to interview former Fab Fiver and current Miami Heat assistant coach Juwan Howard.

Howard sort of fits the Jerry Stackhouse mold—the former big-name player who cut his teeth coaching for a quality organization. But whereas Stackhouse went to the G League to gain head coaching experience, Howard has spent the past five years since his retirement as an assistant with the Heat. He was also considered something of a de facto assistant coach during the last few years of his playing career in Miami. Unless he’s a Pat Riley plant—quite possible!—he could be an interesting choice.

Ah, but there’s a twist! Another reputable reporter, Marc Stein, says the front office is doing some deep detective work on a pair of coaches they’ve already interviewed: David Blatt and Mike Budenholzer.

Could it be that Bud and Blatt have already risen to the upper echelon of coaching candidates? Given Blatt’s connection to Steve Mills and Budenholzer’s overall pedigree, that wouldn’t come as a surprise.