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This Week in Knicks Social Media: Snow Job

Plus More March Birthdays and Ronsanity!


Here’s the thing about Spring: say you do a little column for a sportsblog and you put together a whole long post at the end of March about freak snowstorms and you feel pretty pleased with yourself. Then you go out West for a week to play in the snow yourself and then you come back and it’s April Fool’s Day and Easter all at once and then it snows another six inches and then you put together another post and it’s all about snow all over again, and you wonder if we’re just locked in some endless karmic cycle of wet snow and 50 loss seasons and where is any of this going and what is left to say about any of it and is this all a cosmic joke? This is the sort of thing that early Spring weather can do to you.

The New York Knickerbockers are, perhaps, experiencing this.

Poor Timmy is a Miami native. (begin to think of the Heat, become irritated, breathe deeply, move on)

There’s snow in New York (please drive carefully and don’t be playing with your cell phone, Ron)

There’s snow in White Plains.

C’mon son! indeed! Awesome hat tho. But is it also SAVAGE?

Yes it is. But look!

Enes Kanter in his daily/weekly/frequent trips to Pennsylvania borrowed Kyle’s trademark SAVAGE and it’s the most ambitious crossover event in TWiKSM history.

It is also lit.

Moving on, you might notice a lot of Ron Baker. Obviously there’s no such thing as enough Ron Baker, but if you’re wondering, I think maybe Ronnie’s getting a little bored/restless and is spending a lot of time with his phone. Anyway.

France Day in the Kitchen!!! I love how they have themed days like it’s a college dorm and I wonder how good the food is. It has to be pretty good, right? Like they have nutritionists and stuff and need to eat high quality food.

France Day! Ron was more excited than this screen shot would indicate, btw.

What is France Day? France Day is a gold Eiffel tower on the table!

France Day is Frankie, thrilled!

France Day is cheap berets and hell yeah! I need lunch.

So let’s get in on our last MARCH BIRTHDAYS, shall we? This one goes out to Kyle O’Quinn!

Ron gives greetings but also calls out SuperCoolBeas’s coogitastic sweatshirt.

Frankie speaks Kyle’s language:

And there was some kind of celebration out to dinner with little cakes.

Rounding out the end of the month is young Ron himself.

Really! Here’s young Ron:


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And here is a birthday celebration at Jacob’s Pickles, because Ron is basically always at Jacob’s Pickles.

Ron’s teammates decorated his locker for him:

Another look of infinite Ron:

Question: if you’re still injured and not practicing, how much do you use your locker? Or is it just where everyone hangs out?

Like I said Ron is maybe going a little stir crazy.

Miss my copilot

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Speaking of bored, also living thereabouts is Kristaps Porzingis, Seriously, rehab and physical therapy are totally boring, especially compared to playing professional basketball. But doesn’t it look like someone photoshopped that jersey on?

Miss being out there

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Anyway, yeah. Bored.

There is some Toby, at least.

Training in process

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Toby is also a sneakerhead. Wait, is Toby literally a hype beast?

Of course Toby (ADIDAS WE ARE CREATORS) Porzingis can’t celebrate Air Max day, but NBA’s most popular guy Jarrett Jack can:

On a more serious note there’s a couple of guys who should look familiar but honestly maybe not that familiar anymore doing some cool things:

And there’s a guy we were just getting familiar with, now out for the rest of the season, which sounds terribly serious but, well, actually it sucks because these are the games that guys like Troy get to shine in. Be well, Troy!

OAKAAK forever and on and on and to quote Bill DeBlasio, never trust a groundhog.