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Draft Combine Roundup: Knicks interview Mikal Bridges, Michael Porter, Collin Sexton


Beyond Sport United Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

The New York Knicks’ front office is making their presence known at the Chicago Draft Combine. Even new head coach David Fizdale is on hand to watch the workouts and interview prospective draft picks.

We begin with Fizdale and GM Scott Perry interviewing with ESPN during the workouts.

One note of interest is Fizdale saying this is his first time going through the draft evaluation process. Is that true? He was a head coach in Memphis for two off seasons, after all. Whatever...the important thing is that Fiz seems engaged, and he’s looking forward to sitting down with the Porzingis family soon to talk about basketball and life and such.

The Knicks also got some interview time on Thursday with a trio of big-time prospects: Villanova forward Mikal Bridges, Missouri forward Michael Porter Jr. and Alabama point guard Collin Sexton. Any one of those trio could end up being selected by New York with the No. 9 overall pick.

Perry, Steve Mills and Co. are set up for at least two more interviews on Friday, as Michigan State forward Miles Bridges and Oklahoma point guard Trae Young are scheduled for interviews. Until then, here’s a link to Combine measurements. Height without shoes, baby!