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Enes Kanter had an eventful Memorial Day weekend

Featuring Sting and Shaggy!

Utah Jazz  v Oklahoma City Thunder - Game Five Photo by J Pat Carter/Getty Images

Howdy, friends! Are you enjoying your Memorial Day? Here’s hoping your chowing down on some BBQ or savoring a tall, frosty glass of malted beverage. I also hope you’re celebrating at least half as hard as Knicks big man Enes Kanter, who has been a nonstop dervish of activity this holiday weekend, at least according to his Instagram feed.

On Friday he visited the Happiest Place on Earth: Pennsylvania!

What did Enes do in the Keystone State? Maybe he visited Williamsport, home of the Little League World Series. Or perhaps he traveled to Lake Wallenpaupack, the largest man-made lake east of the Mississippi. “Pursue your happiness” indeed!

But that was merely a prelude to Enes’ star-studded Saturday night, when he met rock legend Sting and Mr. Boombastic himself, Shaggy.

I have so many questions. Sting and Shaggy hang out together? What do they talk about? Probably tantric sex...Sting is always blathering on about tantric sex.

Following all that excitement, Enes decided to kick back on Sunday and dye his hair...silver?

I suppose once you’ve been to Pennsylvania and partied with Sting and Shaggy, there’s only so much you can do to feel alive. Does this dude know how to party or what?