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REPORT: Knicks to hire Royal Ivey as assistant coach

He said no to the Sixers!

Philadelphia 76ers v Atlanta Hawks Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Knicks head coach David Fizdale continues to add to his staff, as ESPN Ian Begley is reporting that former journeyman player Royal Ivey will man the bench for New York next season.

New York City native and Oklahoma City assistant Royal Ivey is finalizing a deal with the Knicks to work on David Fizdale’s staff, league sources told ESPN. recently for an assistant position on David Fizdale’s staff, per sources. Ivey had received interest from other teams, including the Philadelphia 76ers, per sources,

Turned down the 76ers, eh? Apparently Ivey doesn’t feel like getting slandered all season by Bryan Colangelo’s legion of Twitter burner accounts. Thank you, folks...I’ll be here all weekend.

Ivey was born in Harlem, so he has New York roots. He played his college ball in Texas and was drafted in the second round back in 2004 (one year AFTER Carmelo Anthony) before embarking upon on 10-year career as a solid end-of-the-bench bro. He played for the Hawks under a scrappy young assistant coach by the name of David Fizdale.

Ivey is a young guy (36) with playing bona fides and a reputation for player development. The Knicks had to fight off a stronger NBA team to get him. These are good signs.