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The Knicks selected Kevin Knox with the 9th pick

¡Bienvenido a la Gran Manzana!

2018 NBA Draft - Media Availability Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

Have you heard about the new draft pick? I’m sure you’ll be amazed.

This Kentucky freshman is one of the youngest players in the draft, Kevin Knox, will join the New York Knicks. The kid is a scorer first and second and should be able to earn minutes right away. He’ll be able to pull bigs away from the rim into open water and shoot clean over the top of small fries.

Knox will turn 19 in August. He’s 6’9” with a nearly 7’ wingspan. The Knicks are so young and filled with potential. There is so much to like. This is an extreme high upside pick. But there’s plenty to digest and we’ll do that in the days to come. Until then...

The Knicks pick again at 36, so actually when you’re done freaking out— cool out, get a snack, a drink and settle back in.