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Kevin Knox, Mitchell Robinson introductory press conference recap

Cookie-cutting their way through 24 minutes

NBA: NBA Draft Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

For those who were responsible and actually got work done today during a Friday afternoon, the New York Knicks had a press conference for its two most recent draft picks from the 2018 NBA draft. Kevin Knox and Mitchell Robinson showed up dapper(ish) with their media security guards in Steve Mills and Scott Perry (can we just start calling them Steve Perry moving forward?) flanking the two youngsters to answer the hard-hitting questions from the New York media.

And by “hard-hitting,” I mean the cookie-cutter questions that media always asks with the cookie-cutter responses.

Here is the stuff we learned from this presser:

We learned that Frank “Never Frankie Smokes (gross!)” Ntilikina and Damyean Dotson were in attendance.

We learned that Kevin Knox has the honor of wearing Allan Houston’s number 20 jersey.

We learned that Kevin Knox and The Unicorn FaceTimed last night, and they discussed how that lame-ass father-son duo and the rest of the chucklehead Knicks fans in Brooklyn booed Knox for not being Michael Porter Jr.

Speaking of chuckleheads, the Knicks gave someone press credentials to ask about Kevin Knox’s Fortnite adventures.

But before that ever-so impressive Fortnite revelation, Marc Berman of the New York Post tried to “gotcha” on Mitchell Robinson as to why he decided to not go to college and just train for the draft. But Steve Perry was having NONE of that, though Robinson did say that “I should just focus on basketball.

In all, we didn’t learn too much during this 24-minute Q&A. After the press conference was over, Big Daddy Fiz was available for questions and he mentioned that Knox has a chance to start at the 3, likes Knox’s mental makeup, and will allow the younglings to player through their mistakes.

Music to my ears. I hope this actually happens.