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Kevin Knox quick study, ft. Elan Vinokourov

Take your time and do it right...

Buffalo v Kentucky Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Some of us have been lasered in since the beginning of the year. Some watched his tourney run. We’ve all heard about the fantastic workouts. And ultimately we banded together to boo that pathetic father who has failed his impressionable young son by encouraging him to drink that mindless blue haterade. Some (obviously) have never seen him play.

The last we’ve actually seen of Kevin Knox was his college tape and that’s really all we have to go on. Until we get the chance to over-analyze the over-analyzation of his upcoming Summer League performance, my good buddy Elan Vinokourov let me and a few small-timers around the Knicks twitter-sphere know he was gonna break down some of what flows and what’s flawed with Knox’s game. Elan then proceeded to let loose a hailstorm of tweets that I condensed into one snow globe moment for you. Take a look!

So there ya have it. A fine dalliance into his offensive touch and a trudge through his defensive muck. What we’re banking on as Knick fans is that he was put into a Calipari-can and he’ll transform from a calf to a giraffe. As he grows into his body it seems likely that he’ll stay limber and speedy, but develop some of that heft which will allow him to shed pesky defenders with power rather than avoidance. Then he can attend to some of the finer details that allow guys to become proficient team-defenders, short space quickness and the mental certitude to make sure you’re sticking to the scheme.

For more on Elan, or to take a class with him head over to Scout U. Where Elan will surely challenge you to never stop improving you evaluation game.