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REPORT: The Knicks have interest in free agent wing Mario Hezonja

Go for it!

Orlando Magic v Chicago Bulls Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

NBA free agency officially kicked off at midnight, EST, on July 1. Some players signed, I guess — they aren’t Knicks, so who cares? The real story of free agency is ongoing pursuit of Mario Hezonja.

Oh, I’m all the way here for this. Hezonja averaged 9.6 points on 44.2% shooting (33.7 3P%) last season as a 22-year-old with the Orlando Magic. He’s a big wing who can play the 2, 3 or 4. sling a highlight-reel pass, and drain triples with a buttery, albeit unproven shooting stroke. He also (allegedly) thinks he’s the greatest player in the history of the world.

With Hezonja in the fold, Knicks fans could be treated to plenty of plays like these.

Alas, you’ll also get plays like this.

Seriously, how can you watch that travesty of a fast break and tell me this dude is destined to be anything else but a Knick? I haven’t seen a player Knick a fast break that hard since prime J.R. Smith.

The Knicks aren’t the only team interested in Hezonja, however. The Sacramento Kings are said to have interest.

Here’s hoping Scott Perry, who was in the Orlando organization when Hezonja was drafted No. 5 overall, can convince Super Mario to sign for one year.