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Celtics 82, Knicks 75: Scenes from another falsified comeback

Once the Knicks, always the Knicks

NBA: Summer League-Los Angeles Lakers at New York Knicks Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Well they snuck their way back into the thick of things yet again! It was, of course, the New York basketball Knicks so they stuttered on a few possessions late in the fourth and the Summer Celtics were able to snatch the game right back.

The big takeaways are that Mitchell Robinson has a chance to be too much fun. Kevin Knox is quite a talented young man. And if they only had a quality defender at the point of attack, the game would not have looked so easy for Boston.

Boston came to Summer League with two second year guys, that helped propel their success. So, for an amuse bouche, take a look at this rookie heave ho.

Robinson is all over the place in good ways and bad ways.

That’s good. This too is good...

And we won’t be looking at the bad because that’s annoying.

Knox struggled shooting as per the norm. He still found ways to generate success for himself and others. Nice to see him stick with it even when the Knicks were getting pummeled.

He also lazered in on Troy Williams out of this post up:

The video cuts the set up a little short, but Knox absorbed a double team, kept his composure and rifled a one-hander mid dribble across the court. It gave Troy a chance to kamikaze the cup the way he needs to. Really nice aspect of his game that has not been touched on.

All told, not enough attention to detail. Boston was able to just chop wood and drink from their thermos’. It seemed like Jarrod Uthoff was having his way for most of the game and let’s be honest with one another: that can’t happen.

Despite this loss, the Knicks still one more game coming up. Please do not let Troy Williams hurt any of the people. Full recap to come later on.