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This Week in Knicks Social Media: What Happens in Vegas

The Boys are Back in Town!

Hola, amigos! It’s hot out and summer is in full swing, so let’s take a look at what our beloved band of muppets has been up to thus far.

Timmy Hardaway (Junior) spent his 4th of July holiday out on the water of his native Miami, feeling the SoFlo patriotism:

But! Timmy is a pro and the son of a pro, and remembered that he may be from Miami but he represents New York. So a quick addendum:

That’s right Tim. And all night too, don’t you forget.

Other patriots include our new Queen of Knickdom, Mrs. Natasha Sen-Fizdale. All hail!

We lost La La but we gained Natasha, who you will be seeing a lot of because she is prolific on social media.

Then it was time everyone to go to Las Vegas, because Summerleague!

I now present you with collection of modern day postcards:

Frankie’s in a cab.

Dotson’s in his hotel (any Vegas-habitués able to figure out where they’re staying? Or do all the teams stay at the MGM Grand?).

Trey Burke is somewhere that only allows him to use the same Vegas filter everyone else used.

Troy goes for the blended approach, with the filter AND a cab.

Ditto for the rook Kevin Knox, learning fast!

Ron is bored because he can’t play. What to do? Why, the Hoover Dam of course!

Lucky lucky us, there is more on Ron’s trip to the Hoover Dam. Thanks MSG Networks, gimme that sweet sweet summertime content.

Later on, Ron visited the pyramids of ancient Egypt:

(Side note: I stayed at the Luxor back when it first opened and was VERY dedicated to its theme. There used to be a “Nile River” around the inside of the pyramid that you could tour on little barges. There were scale replicas of various statuary and stelae from the Valley of the Kings with actual Egyptologists giving the tours, but then inside the main pyramid area there was inexplicably a replica New York skyline with what looked like the Chrysler Building but surely must have been the Empire State with a giant stuffed gorilla hanging off of it like some kind of hyper-Baudrillardan dreamscape. I am not even kidding and if you don’t believe me check this out.)

Our other rook, Mitchell Robinson, should probably tag along with Ron next field trip:

Check out the Hoover Damn, Mitch! And pleeeease be more circumspect with your social media once you get to NY.

World Cup Break!

As you, Big Sports Fan, doubtless know, the Knickerbockers have players representing both sides in the World Cup finals.

First of course our very own French Prince (who appears to support France not Belgium):

What’s that Timmy? You want to see Frank when that goal was scored? Done and done:

You tell ‘em, Frank!

And then there is the wild card, nüknick Mario Hezonja of Croatia.

Super Mario is... not shy!

but you don’t need to be shy when you’re triumphant!

So the die is cast, France V. Croatia:

And what would national pride be without some good natured wagers?

Gauntlet thrown!

And picked up:

Stay tuned to see who shows up at Media Day in full kit! Or the streets of Manhattan, I guess?

And what of our new coach? What’s he up to while the kids play? Why he’s living his best life.

Maybe the Knicks are finally in good hands.