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The Fizdale family travels to Latvia to meet with Kristaps Porzingis

Coach & KP meet at last.

Forget Helsinki my friends, the most important US-Eastern Europe summit is happening right this very moment.

Many months of delicate negotiations have gone into this meeting. The happiness of millions lies in the balance. Fortunately, in this case we are being represented by a stellar delegation of our very best diplomats:

That’s right! David Fizdale and his wife Natasha have arrived in Liepāja, Latvia to meet Kristaps Porzingis and Family.

Natasha is taking in the sights...

Street Art #Wanderlust #travel

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...while Coach gets right to work:

So without further ado, the shot you’ve all been waiting for: David Fizdale and Kristaps Porzingis (and a small smiling British dude):

Peace in our time!