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Kyle O’Quinn signs with Indiana Pacers

The years, the money, the destination — all baffling.

Detroit Pistons v New York Knicks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

You never know how free agency will turn out. To wit:

The hometown kid from Jamaica, Queens, O’Quinn declined a $4.2M option to test the market, only to find bupkis. Many people, probably including O’Quinn and his agent, expected the big man to land a multi-year contract at a considerably higher dollar figure than $4.2M, which $4.5M is not. O’Quinn joins another ex-Knick, Doug McDermott, as a new Pacer signee, along with Tyreke Evans. While the rest of the NBA is hoarding for next year or star-hunting now, the Pacers are constructing a solid, versatile roster.

O’Quinn was a likable character who moved the ball well on offense and brought a presence on the defensive end. Last year in New York he set career-highs in minutes, points, rebounds and assists. Had he left for Golden State, as was oft rumored, it’d make perfect sense. Can’t blame a guy for pursuing a pay raise and a ring. If he’d stayed in New York, he’d have been welcomed back with open arms by much of the fan base. He probably misjudged the market, which happens, especially markets that result in this:

Ron Baker is also making more next year than O’Quinn, which LOL nah. Happy trails, Kyle. They’ll never love you like we did. But hopefully you find peace and joy, and if along the way you help upset the Celtics in next year’s playoffs, we’re all good, brother.