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OUTRAGE! Knicks left off national TV opening week schedule for some reason

The world wants the Knicks!

NBA: Orlando Magic at New York Knicks Nicole Sweet-USA TODAY Sports

NBA fans and media from different parts of the country might not agree on much, but over the past few days I have seen the whole hep basketball rise up, from sea to shining sea, and declare in one voice: “We want to see more of the 2018-19 New York Knicks on national TV!”

It doesn’t matter if you live in DC, Dallas, or whatever the city in Utah is called — fans of other teams love the Knickerbockers and want to see them on TNT, ESPN, ABC and NBA TV. The league made their Christmas wishes come true when it was announced Tuesday night that the Knicks would play on Christmas Day, per usual.

But what about Opening Week? Surely the biggest free agent of the summer, Mario Hezonja, will get to show off his new orange and blue duds on national TV, right?

I’m sorry to say, folks, that it appears not to be the case. In fact, the entire opening week schedule is disturbingly devoid of Knicks games. Look at some of these garbage matchups:

Tuesday Oct. 16 on TNT — 76ers vs. Celtics

So we can watch Markelle Fultz attempt to shoot free throws without using his arms? FOH.

Tuesday Oct. 16 on TNT — Thunder vs. Warriors

Oh great, it’s the Thunder debut of Nerlens Noel. FOHHH.

Wednesday Oct. 17 on ESPN — Mavericks vs. Suns

Rookie who isn’t Kevin Knox vs. rookie who isn’t Kevin Knox. FOHHHHHHHHH.

Friday Oct. 19 on ESPN — Celtics vs. Raptors

We just watched the Celtics three days ago. FOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

What a load of crap. Oh well, at least we get Clyde on the MSG broadcasts. The world’s loss is the Tri-State Area’s gain.