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Kristaps Porzingis’s Latvian fans are pretty wild


New York Knicks superstar Kristaps Porzingis remains in his homeland of Latvia as he rehabs his torn ACL. And I’m sure the Latvian people are grateful to have their native son.

Just how much do Latvians love Porzingis? And what form does Latvian fan love take? Kristaps himself showed off some rather peculiar fan art on his Instagram feed.

So, to break this image down, there is...

  1. A man in some sort of paint fume mask.
  2. Using an aerosol can as a flame-thrower.
  3. Standing behind a car with a “@kporzee” license plate, in deference to Kristaps’ Instagram account.
  4. With a Kristaps painting in the trunk.

The fan involved is Ivan Solodov, and according to my translator, he offered a 300 euros worth of credit at Animal Tattoo Riga for the commenter who gets Kristaps to acknowledge this masterpiece. Well, Kristaps did indeed post it to his Instagram, so I’m guessing there will be plenty of new tattoos in Riga.

In conclusion, Latvia is a land of contrasts.