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Scott Perry, Steve Mills and David Fizdale addressed the state of the Knicks in a town hall

A pleasant chat with the Knicks braintrust

NBAE/Getty Images

Remember just a little over a year ago, when Phil Jackson used to go two-thirds of a year hunched in a cave deep within the bowels of Madison Square Garden, sustaining himself on a diet of peyote and non-GMO microwave burritos, emerging only to briefly address/insult the news media and give strange, vague answers?

Those days are thankfully long gone! Today at 7:00 p.m., the Knicks braintrust of general manager Scott Perry, president of basketball operations Steve Mills and head coach David Fizdale took some time to talk with season ticket holders in a live town hall, giving some insight into the decisions made this offseason. To top it off, they got Mike Breen to moderate the discussion!

So, first things first: David Fizdale is a terrifically charming and candid human being, and while I understand he hasn’t coached a game yet and still has a lot to prove, I already like him about 10 times more than Jeff Hornacek:

Mills, Perry and Fizdale gave their thoughts on the new Knicks, from Kevin Knox to Mitchell Robinson:

The panel had some time for questions from the fans, many of whom asked (predictably) about the team’s plans for 2019 free agency, which management (predictably) could offer little to no insight on due to tampering rules. Huge shout-out though to the first lady to get on the mic, who literally took two-and-a-half minutes to get off her question and automatically became a way better ambassador of Knicks fandom than the stupid crying kid or Infuriated Knicks Lakers Fan:

Some other HUGE news: the Unicorn has landed back in New York! (And the Knicks clearly value him and his long-term outlook just as much as the fans do.)

Some other notes... Frank is totally jacked:

Culture was one of the words of the day:

Most importantly... the Knicks are keeping all their picks for the foreseeable future!

The full interview was a good watch, so be sure to check it out in its entirety (the Knicks management troika enters to Imagine Dragons around the 12:00 mark):