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The Knicks held a press conference...again

Another riveting Q&A with Steve/Perry and David Fizdale

MLB: Washington Nationals at New York Mets Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Knickerbockers braintrust had a press conference today. Not this one from earlier in the week, but one with the media asking the pressing questions and issues facing the team. Never-before questions were asked today, pushing the limits of where journalism can go to in the future.

Was Porzingis at the training facility this week?


Will Porzingis be offered an extension?

He’s a franchise cornerstone.”

Is Joakim Noah going to remain on the Knicks for the remainder of his contract?

Steve Perry have been speaking to his agents every day.”

What type of training is Frank doing?

Different, out-of-the-box stuff.”

Is James Dolan going to get his grubby harmonica hands on team operations by being a Meddlesome Melvin?

Jimmy Straight shot loves our approach.”

Is the team focusing on player development? Are they tanking?

Yes they are, and no they are not.

Are the Knicks going to make smart decisions?

They are going to try their best.

Wow. I mean, so many fresh answers! It’s like we didn’t know this information before.

You can watch the video here on the Knicks Facebook page to see and hear everything, but I got you covered. No need to waste your time because I clearly did for you.