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Game Preview Sixers @ Knicks- 1/13/19

Matinee game, let’s rock. Philadelphia (27-16) comes to town to lop the heads off these chickens. New York (10-32) is on a mini three-game losing streak. While they struggle to score, Philly’s defense won’t exactly let them figure it out. Pests like TJ McConnell are certain to have career games making all varietals of Knicks uncomfortable for 94-feet. Thankfully the Sixers might be without their anchor, Joel Embiid, and their paperweight, Jimmy Butler.

Philly lost to Atlanta by two on Friday and might see this as an opportunity to exact revenge on the league’s bottom feeders. Who will win? Who started hip hop? Cheese steaks or chopped cheese? LET’S! GO!

Projected Starters

For the Knicks...

And for the Sixers...

Key Matchup

If Jimmy Butler is out, that means WIlson Chandler, Jonah Bolden and Furkan Korkmaz will have their work cut out for them trying to deny and rein in Kevin Knox. The Knicks forward, who happens to be 19 years old, has turned the corner. I wonder what rival scouts say about him now, or if they continue to downplay his game with the hope of prying him loose in one of those classic Knick trades. John Wall for Knox, Enes Kanter, two first-rounders and 27 second-rounders? Wall is a star and he’s out for the year, so it helps the tank. Win and win.


Not sure what to do with Ben Simmons the Knicks collapse in on themselves.

Simmons goes for a career high 33-points on 19 shots, to go with 19 rebounds, 16 assists, 7 steals and 5 blocks. All career highs, believe it or don’t. Oh yea, he’ll also get 7 fouls and 12 turnovers.

Knicks by -11.

Warm Up Music

Enes Kanter will get to meet up with Furkan Korkmaz before the Knicks head to London without him. Perhaps it will offer some solace to spend time with a fellow countryman. Basketball may enrich life, but it is a child’s game and the human condition leaves us pining for simpler times. Life is a far more complicated matter. I wish you peace and happiness, Enes.