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This Week in Knicks Social Media: Blimey!

In Which the Knicks Hop the Pond

Knicky Road
NY Knicks

Cheerio, mates!

This week our beloved band of red-blooded American sportsballers travel to Merrie Olde Englande to play against the Mighty Washington Wizards (first the Brexit mishigas, now this — hasn’t the UK suffered enough?)

There are a few fun pics. Mrs. Fiz herself fooling around with a phone booth,

Danger enjoying the sights,

Dot shopping,

Super Mario showing off his (other) dribbling skills,

all the regular stuff is happening (kind of disappointed not to get a hotel review from Alonzo Trier, tbh). Cute.

We’re here today to talk about 2019’s breakout star, (who could have predicted this, HMMM?) Luke Kornet. Young Luke has taken upon himself to be our guide to the glory that is #NBALondon. Behold:

You the real MVP, Luke!