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Send us your mock trades! A trade deadline mailbag is coming

Gas up the ol’ trade machine and let’s get weird

NBA: Utah Jazz at New York Knicks Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Hey guys! I know Prof. Miranda usually handles mailbags, but I wanted a spin. And since I’m a trade machine junkie, there’s no better time for a mock trade mailbag than right now, mere days before the trade deadline.

Here’s the facts:

  • Enes Kanter wants OUT! But does a contending team even want to pay anything to acquire him? Could the Knicks trade him and his $18 million expiring contract without taking back long-term money or giving up a valuable asset?
  • Tim Hardaway Jr. and Courtney Lee are (unsurprisingly) on the trading block. Timbo makes about $17 million this year and $18 million next year, but has a pesky trade kicker that means the Knicks need to acquire roughly 15 percent more salary than usual. Lee makes about $12.5 million this season and next. Same deal as Kanter though — what’s it gonna cost for some other team to do the Knicks a favor?
  • Noah Vonleh and Emmanuel Mudiay may have value to some contending team as low-cost, low-risk additions. Vonleh’s contract expires this coming offseason, and since the Knicks only signed him to a one-year deal and don’t own Bird or Early Bird rights, they don’t really lose any advantage to re-signing him this summer by trading him. Mudiay is in the final year of his rookie contract — if traded, the acquiring team would get his restricted free agent rights, allowing them to match any contract offer he may receive this offseason and get an upper hand in re-signing him.

As usual, CBAFAQ is a phenomenal resource if you’re curious about how any of this salary cap/trading mumbo-jumbo works.

This is the very popular ESPN NBA Trade Machine. However, if you feel like branching out, may I suggest the more full-featured TradeNBA trade machine? It includes draft picks and stuff, and doesn’t have the occasional wacky (and misleading) $0 contracts like the ESPN version. Post your trade links/screenshots below, or feel free to shoot them at @ptknicksblog on Twitter.

So, start mock trading! Send me your best, your worst, your weirdest mock trades. Just understand, if you send me a trade that’s stupid as hell, I’m gonna call it stupid as hell and enjoy every minute of that roast sesh.