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Game Preview: Knicks at Hornets- 01/28/19

It hurts.

Second game in as many night for the Knicks (10-38) who have lost nine consecutive now. Can the Hornets (23-25) make it an even ten in a row? Charlotte is currently holding onto the eighth seed in the East with all the grip strength they can muster. They’re also coming off a disastrous loss to the Bucks. After two days off they should come out focused tonight.

In their last game not only did they surrender a big lead late in the game, but their leader also got injured. He is listed as probable and not much seems to have been made of it, but it is worth noting.

Projected Starters

No offense to Mitchell Robinson, who we love. But the Knicks will be without the one guy I’m excited to see, after getting hurt in last night’s game.

Can you believe this nonsense? Frank Ntilikina, obvious future terror, gets two starts at point guard. One is mired by bad foul calls. The other he goes down with a groin injury that could keep him on the sidelines. The worst case would be if he doesn’t get back before Emmanuel Mudiay. Hopefully it’s a true tweak and he just needs a few days. If he can get right before Mudiay comes back, he might be able to snatch that starting job.

Seriously though- what’s the use? The Knicks front office probably hates Ntilikina and don’t have the patience, the intellect or the guts to let him work his way through the league like- oh I don’t know the Heat have done with Justise Winslow.

They’ll probably try to amputate his crotch.

Key Matchup

Well the Knicks just simply have no hope of guarding Kemba Walker now. No hope. I know you stat junkies and gurus love your numbers and I guess now is the best time to mention that- if there is hope- Trey Burke has been eating the second most amount of PIE in his career this season! W-O-W, wow!

ThE oNlY oThEr GuY wItH a BeTtEr PiE iS eNeS kAnTeR!

Yea, so, anyway. Guard up.


Kemba drops 46 points on a mix of spun-around-as-hell ass guards and it only takes him 22 shots to do it. The Hornets also get a healthy portion of Marvin Williams open threes above the break. New York, weary and bitter, fold in the closing minutes.

Knicks by -6.

Warm Up Music