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P&T TankWatch (1/29/2019): Knicks ascend to tank throne following Cavaliers win

We’re No. 30!

NBA: New York Knicks at Cleveland Cavaliers David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to the TankWatch, friends. Tuesday was an auspicious day for The Watch. For too long our beloved Knicks had been knocking on the door of the league’s worst record; on Tuesday, however, they busted through that door like the Kool-Aid Man of incompetence. And they didn’t even have to play!

All thanks and praise is due to the Cleveland Cavaliers, who won their 11th game of the season Tuesday night against the Washington Wizards. It wasn’t easy — no Cavs win ever is— as they let Washington whittle a 25-point deficit down to 3, but the Wizards choked away the final possession like they were the ones who were tanking. The Cavs narrowly avoided catastrophe and walked away with a 116-113 win.

To the standings!

My God, it’s beautiful.

It wasn’t all good news for the ‘Bockers. The Bulls lost to the Nets, and the Suns fell to the Spurs on a Rudy Gay buzzer-beater. Still, we’ll take it one win (for the other teams) at a time.