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This Week in Knicks Social Media: A Whole New Year

Rookie Holidaze!


I don’t know if you’ve looked around, but it’s 2019. The holidays done come and gone and it’s a whole new year! Not quite sure how that happened, but anyway. Moving on!

Let’s take a moment to look in on how some of our first years are winding up the first year of their first year.

First up, Kevin ‘Eastern Conference Rookie of the Month’ Knox is adorable as always, giving us proof that maybe rookie hazing does still exist;

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Happy Holidays Everyone

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(remember Chris Copeland and his rookie backpack?)

shouting out to his family;


And (presumably) Mama and Papa Knox! A very good looking couple, tbh.

Young Alonzo Trier is still settling in to life on the road, the good and the bad. The good: team-building private movie screenings.

The bad: sometimes weather is not so much what you want it to be.

Iso Zo does not appear to be a fan of the cold and snow.


Our living spring Mitch ‘Danger’ Robinson, is a 100% snow enthusiast. Oh yeah does our Louisiana boy love that snow.

(or maybe he just loves iphones?)

Hell yeah parking lots in Denver are amazing! (They smell like weed.)

SNOW SNOW SNOW (Full disclosure: I am so on board with MitchRob on this. Snow is awesome.)

SNOW! Loving snow so much we’re posting the same pic twice. SNOW!!!


Wow, if you write snow a lot it starts to look really weird. Snow. Ssssnow. Snnnow. Snooooow. Snowwww.

But. Didn’t Danger see snow for the first time a couple of months ago?

Hm. I’m going to chalk this up to snow on the ground, which is what I think they came home to in November, and snow actually falling, the Denver situation. OR, every single snowfall is so damn magical it feels new all over again. That works too.

You know what else Mitch loves? Fortnite. Hey - does it snow in Fortnite?

Let’s round out our rookie roundup with my sweet baby Frankie Ntilikina, styling on the UCLA campus. Not sure why Enes posted this, or why Frank is shirtless? But hey!

He’s the French Prince and don’t you forget it.

OK we’re leaving the rookies behind for a couple of special Holiday nuggets.

Tim Hardaway Jr. got a signed book from Chip and Joanna Gaines of HGTV’s Fixer Upper, of which both he and I are huge fans. I feel ya, Timmy!

And in our Knicks Dog Korner, Toby makes a triumphant return. Helping with rehab,

getting skritches,

and completing the Porzingis Family Christmas Tableau, Toby is Top Knicks Dog.

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Merry Christmas!

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Lastly, here’s a slick little bit of content from your favorite team:

Happy New Year Fam! Go the Knicks!