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Game Preview Knicks at Warriors- 1/8/19

Really soon they’ll be shooting Cyrus!

Zach Diluzio

Hey remember when the Knicks (10-30) lost to the Trail Blazers last night? Nobody cares, cus tonight’s the night. Back on it, baby dolls. Time to get them tickets ripped and stubbed. Time to get that L-Train a-rumblin’. Time for the Knicks to take on the Golden State Warriors (26-14). Thankfully for New York fans, the Dubs have been running scared since they met at the Garden earlier this season.

Say the man’s name. He gave you hell, and then David Fizdale spared you the embarrassment by neglecting to give him enough time late in the game. You fool!

Projected Starters

Key Matchup

Kristaps Porzingis versus DeMarcus Cousins. Who will wear their street clothes better? Who honestly cares? Let’s instead talk about Maori Davenport.


Knicks are much too powerful and slide away with -36 point win.

Warm Up Music