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Warriors - a bunch, Knicks - less than the Warriors: Scenes from just go to bed

This one’s all buttoned up

NBA: New York Knicks at Golden State Warriors Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Look — it’s late. I have work in the morning. This game’s over. Let’s pack it in early tonight.

The Knicks came into Oracle Arena for the last time to face off against the Warriors tonight, and they predictably got waxed. Not at first! They actually played OK at first. I can’t tell you how many points the Knicks ended up with, or how many they lost by, because I’m writing this with about 10 minutes left in the fourth quarter. But the Knicks are currently down by 26 points.

In the first half, though, they kept it within spitting distance until the Warriors ended the second quarter on a 13-0 run. So the Knicks entered the half down, 61-49.

A quick aside — let’s just revel in how dope Clyde’s suit was tonight:

Ok, so now there’s about eight minutes left in the fourth. Tim Hardaway’s leading the way with an efficient 13 points. He went down with what looked like a scary knee injury at first, but it turns out Noah Vonleh just slammed his knee into Tim’s inadvertently, and Tim was fine.

Kevin Knox cooked his idol Kevin Durant early in the game:

And Knox also threw down a hammer dunk:

Three bench Knicks are currently in double figures scoring — Trey Burke, Mario Hezonja, and Enes Kanter. The usual suspects from this road trip. One starter scored in double figures to this point (Hardaway, as of 6:00 in the fourth now).

Chit-chat with KnicksFanTV if you feel so inclined — 657-383-1509 is the phone line:

I’m going to bed now. You all probably can, too. I promise. MM will have the recap, and it’ll be better than the game itself. Count some Zion dunks to help you go to sleep.